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Meeting People Where They Are: Tommy

I met tommy just shy of the Colorado border. Imagine my surprise when I climbed into his rig and saw custom chrome and jeweled detailing all over the console, velvet on the roof, and faux burl wood accents. To say his rig was flashy is an understatement. Tommy was originally from the country part of Louisiana and had a thick… Read More

Meeting People Where They Are: Leron

Sometimes when I am in someone’s vehicle, I hear such personal stories involving others that I cannot morally ask to record. That was the case with Leron. He taught me a lot about compassion and forgiveness as he talked about his family and marriage. As a Buddhist these are important philosophies for me, but I’d never heard them illustrated so… Read More

Flash Friday Fiction: The Boy With The Blue Bicycle

  A boy aims his blue bicycle toward the bridge and takes a ragged breath. Hair the color of old hay sticks to his pimpled forehead and the wheels weave through traffic drifting with the wind from passing cars. It is overcast with deep fog following the evening traffic, drifting over the mountain and tickling the sleeping lady’s breast. He… Read More

Flash Friday Memoir: A Night Under Lights

Rated R for adult themes, mild language and nudity For months, Cheryl and I argued about her auditioning for Mitchell Brothers; given her past rape and abuse, the thought made me ill. Eventually we agreed, or more honestly—I pushed until she acquiesced for me to go instead. She lounged on the end of my bed while I showed her three… Read More

Tenth of December by George Saunders

I really enjoyed this series of stories. Prior to this I’d read two of his stories for my podcast and enjoyed them both (The Semplica Girl Diaries and Escape from Spiderhead) but I wasn’t sure what to expect from a collection. In the end, I found his writing interesting, emotionally evocative and demanding of the reader. These aren’t stories you… Read More